Business Etiquette In Hindi

October 18, 2020
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There are various types of smart phones available in India every year. These phones are so much popular because people are interested in mobiles only. In January, almost 2-4 lakhs amount of phones are purchased in India only. In our country, the first priority is mobile and in the second priority, camera. In India, to take photos of kings, national leaders, and others, people do not want to take cameras. They will take photos from their smart phones.

Smart phones are popular in our country. Almost every person who is using smart phone, he or she is using Android or iOS operating system. Use of these operating systems is found in almost all of the smart phones. According to the research, 6 out of 10 people are using smart phones. In an year, over 3 crores smart phones are sold in India.

According to the latest report, almost one crore of smart phones are not used in current seven to fourteen days. These phones are not used because many smart phones are facing some technical faults. Over 90% number of smart phones bought from e commerce is not working in India. Errors like ‘the gadget is not working’, ‘the gadget is not functioning’, ‘the gadget is not connecting’ in the phone is common in India. These phones are not used because their dealers are not honest to the customers. For good performance of phones, we need some accessories too. For example, we require better power banks with good capacity. If the power bank is with 500 mAh to 550 mAh, then phone will not run for more than 2-3 hours only. If the power bank is with 1000 mAh, then phone will not find any trouble to run in next 5-6 hours. We require good batteries with good numbers. The time a mobile is without replacement of the battery is much more than its two year’s life.

Secondly, we require cases with good covers also. In Indian markets we have many different cases available for phone. If the smart phone is broken in any way, then it will be very difficult to repair in phone. Smart phone servicing is in India is not good. Many people are selling fake parts in India. We do not want to use such fake parts and repair shops. These fake parts are not safe for use of mobile because the life and security of the phone is in danger. We are requesting the citizens of India to use right brands and original products only. There are so many brands who claim their products as good. Buy these brands with good quality products only. original batteries in India are not available in market.

One more very important thing that we need to take care that the phone should not slip. The phone should be completely safe and secured. There are so many companies are providing cases and protection of phones in India. They are selling these cases at a very reasonable price. If the phone is not fully secured, then it will be very important to replace the phone in few days. Mobile repairing is not easy or simple. Original parts are needed by the repairers.

India is very tough place on mobile manufacturers and vendors. It is very difficult to sell and buy mobile in India. Because of various issues it is not easy to sell and buy mobile. Before buying mobile, every citizen must have to think on the way to buy mobile. There are many mobile companies that are selling fake products. There is no value for the money people have spent in buying the product. Quality of the product is poor. There are very high chances that the smart phone will not work in a very short time.

Greetings in Hindi

People always say that Hindi is the biggest institution that is working in the entire nation, be it in the Capital or other states that are found spread all over the country. There are so many people in the country who are very much fond of writing and delivering the messages in their own style since ages. A large number of people are not able to communicate and deliver their messages properly. They just use some of the words and sentences that are very much popular these days. They do not deliver their messages.

People who are learning the languages at the schools but have not learned the correct pronunciation or speaking of Hindi language for that matter. After learning these languages, they are forced to get help of Hindi books, which people generally find in the market but cannot find even a single person who is good in delivering the messages, no matter what it be. People can find the books in printed form but cannot find one from whom help and guidance is available. People who visit the schools to deliver these messages will not be able to deliver their messages properly and without any flaws and faults. People do not agree to deliver these messages, even if they are able to deliver them without flaw, because these messages are written by the students and nothing else. All these things put together, it becomes very difficult for the students to deliver their messages properly.

But there is no question of finding answer when you want to find one because there are so many services available online. People have an opportunity to find the services of people who do online translation. People can compare the rates of every website and can find out, which one is good and which one will cost less, and they will find out that people can find good rates this way as compared to the rates they find in the market. They will be able to find their messages delivered properly by good and talented persons. There is nothing to worry anymore because these websites are based on the languages because good interpretation of the message reveals the proper usage of the language, and it must be delivered. People have so many options, but what they should do is to check everything carefully and compare the prices of these websites.

Business Law in Hindi

In previous section “Rules Fixation” we understand that what types of business and in what types of business we will keep some fixed types of profit like Electricity, Chemicals, Stationary etc.. But in business we will face some type of losses. So in this section we will study about that and how this loss will be handled in that business. So first of all we will study about what loss is?

Loss is a loss or a bad thing that we can’t get when we purchase something. So not only purchase we can’t get profit but we can’t get loss also. Loss may be in our business as well. When we purchase something and then selling it, if the price is less then what we had to pay to that seller then it is called loss and we need to factor that loss in our P&L account. Let’s see here a case which is very famous.

Suppose we have some company. In that company we will have some costs like purchase cost, operational cost, expense cost, paid cost. In our case we have one purchase cost which is 1000 rs. And then we have some purchase profit. Suppose this purchase cost will be for 10 years, then in that 10 years this cost will be added after some years. Suppose after 1 year we have purchase profit of 200 rs then after 10 years we have purchase profit of 2,000 rupees. This will help us to evaluate the profit of this business. This are called purchase profit. So if we have this purchase profit we can also include some purchased expense. Suppose in this case we have purchased expense for 2000 rs. In this case we suppose that after one year we have 200 rs loss after two years we have 500 rs loss and after three years we have 1000 rs. This will also be included in P&L account of our company. And then we will calculate profit of this company. This we call as liquidation value. It means how much profit our company had in past. Suppose after 10 years we have profit of 2,000 rupees then it means that liquidation value of this business will be 2000 rupees. Suppose loss of 1,000 rupees is after two years then this loss will be factored in P&L account of this company.

So loss and profit will be calculated separately and debt and equity will be considered in this calculation. So the profit of this business was equal to debt of this business. Suppose we had 2000 rs. debt then this profit was equal to debt. But liquidation value of this company was 2000 rs. debt and 1000 rupees loss. It means that liquidation value of this business was R.4000. So if we have some company and value of it is R.4000 then what will happen now? Suppose we had some amount of 1500 rs. Then now we have debt as 1500, liquidation value is 4000. So liquidation value is more than debt. Therefore we can get some profit by selling this business.

We have seen principal and interest in previous section. We have seen principal in the form of purchase profit and expense. In purchase profit we shall include purchase profit which is profit of this business. But in purchase profit we have to consider some loss profit as well. And same condition we should consider in our previous loss also. This case is very much important in accounting. If we had some loss in our previous we have to consider it in our profit calculation.

So if we had some loss in our purchase profit then we have to involve that loss in this purchase profit. Suppose we had loss in our purchase charity. Suppose after one year we have loss of 100 rs, after two years we have loss of 200 rs and after three years we have loss of 400 rs. Then our purchase profit will be less than purchase profit. Suppose we had profit of 800 rs, after one year we have loss of 100 rs, after two years we have loss of 200 rs and after three years we have loss of 400 rs. And then we have purchase profit as 300 rs. In this case we have to calculate profit of our company as profit of 800 rs and loss of 200 rs.

Case is very much important in accounting because loss has to consider in profit calculation. So to count loss we have to consider our last purchase profit. Suppose we had profit of 800 rs and there came a loss of loss of 600 rs then we have loss of over 800 rs. In this case we are unable to get any profit. But still with that loss we should calculate profit and loss. So if after 10 years we had profit of 2000 rs and there came loss of 1000 rs then we have loss of 1500 rs. In this case we can’t get profit because there came loss after 10 years. Means we can’t get profit of 2000 rs when we have effect of 1000 rs loss. 

Hindi Language in Government and Politics

This is an interesting topic. Government has been there since the past; it will be there in future. If one wants to live in a developed society, he must know something about the government. We will see here some knowledge.


Politics is a great hobby. It is a smart career. It is a career like a sports player. This is a profession. It is a very promising career. Politics is a great field to crack. If one contains right intelligence and capability, she/ he can be a great politician. To be a politician is not a very difficult task, but sometimes, may be we come face to face with some complicated situations. It is a sensitive job. One should know how to talk with people. One should act according to the situations. One should not be biased while acting. One should be honest when acting. Being impartial is more important. Politician must know how to act in face of politics. Being a politician one must know how to get satisfy from the society. The government is a very powerful organ. It has to take control over the society, the economy, the environment and the trade market. It is the duty of the government to protect the rights of the people. If it is a democratic government then it should follow the rules and regulations. It should be impartial to the people. People should not get disappointed from it. It should act according to the demands of the people. It should be working in favor of the people and to meet their needs. It is the duty of the people to select right candidate for the right post. The right candidate should prove to be the right choice. Otherwise it will be disastrous for the country.


Colonies are special administrative divisions of the country. These are being formed for the betterment of the people. These help the local people to solve their problems. These are formed in a geographically remote place which is away from security threats. These are being formed in a peaceful place with good and cheap resources. These are productive bases. If there is no colony, the government will face some problems. So colonies are necessary to the government. These are expanding business operations. Government should provide colony with good clean and cheap power, water facility, and other necessities. And the colony should produce good quality product. If it is not producing good quality product then it causes loss to the country. If it is producing good quality product, then it sells good product and profit is also there. And if it is producing cheap goods, then it encourages competition. So colonies are essential for the people.


It is a common word. Environment is surrounding field. Environment is having whole environment. It means environment with few natural effects. Various plants and animal are part of the environment. This is very important to the people. If environment is polluted then it will cause some harmful effects to the people. If environment is clean then there will be no problem. Environment should be protected for the betterment of the people. Global warming is one of the greatest causes of pollution. Global warming damages the environment. It causes drought. It causes floods. It causes heavy wind. It may cause even cyclone. These are harmful for the planet. So such things should be avoided. It should be protected by the government.


It is one of the favorite topics. NGO is a new type of profession. NGOs are being doing a lot of good work for the betterment of the people. It is a very useful organization. It helps the people. It helps the government in spreading happiness among the people. Many NGOs are being formed in the country. They are helping the less people. It is a non-profit organization. It takes voluntary contribution from the people or from other NGOs. So being a member of the NGO is a good thing. It is very helpful to the society.


Money is an international language. It means wealth. It is a currency of a country or a company or a society or a place. Money is a very precious thing for the people. It is very important for the survival of the people. If money is not there then people can’t make their day. So having money is very important. People can’t live without money. So it can be concluded from the above discussion that money is very important for the survival.

Human rights:

Human rights is a very important topic. It has to be understood very well. It is very essential to know something about human rights. It is a basic human right. These are so precious to the people. These are very sensitive to the people. So it must be respected by the government. If there is no human right, then it becomes a bad example for the future. So governments must understand this problem. This is a great responsibility of the government.

Theory of value:

Theory of value is an important topic. The theory of value is an economic theory and is defined as the subjective importance of the goods and services to be produced and consumed in an independent economy. It is commonly used in management fields. This is not a fruit. It is not a material. It is not an item. So it is called a theory. This is an important issue for the economy. So it must be designed very carefully. This is very important to the economy. This is not a subject for layman. This is more complicated subject. So it must be understood by the expert. It must be understood by the experts.


Budget is a very important thing. It is very essential to the government. It is not at the level of experts. It is very complicated topic. It is not a fun topic. It is a serious topic. It is a sensitive topic. A budget is the statement of financial policy and the planned use of previous resources. It is for a period of time. A budget is a financial plan for an organization. This is a statement of income and expenses. It is a recurring pattern. It is a financial plan. It is a financial statement. It is not a material thing. It is a store of memory. It is a store of thoughts. It is plans of finance for future. It is a plan of spending. It is a plan of management. A budget can be defined as a financial plan. It is the total of the revenues, such as taxes and fees places into the economy. A budget is a statement of limits. It is a statement of financial policy and the planned use of the previous resources. It is an end of the fiscal year. It is important to the government. It is important for the country. It is the financial documents. It is the financial statement of a company, region, states, or country. It is a periodic plan of income and expenses for a government. This is such a complex thing. It takes very much time. For this people have to be very much careful. If one follows a budget strictly then it is highly appreciable.

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