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October 18, 2020
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Cashier: Your bill is $14.87. sir.

Mr. Jones: Here you are. $20.

Cashier: Excuse me, sir. I’m sorry, but we only take cash and checks.

Mr. Jones: Oh, I only have a credit card. I forgot. I can pay you next time.

Cashier: I’m sorry, but we only take cash and checks.

Mr. Jones: Cash, huh? (mumbles) Where have I heard that before?


You will see similar scenes unfolding on the streets of Guyana as well as in the remotest of rural communities. The same issues – workplace conflict, office bullying and insubordination – keep surfacing.

Workplace conflict, as you all know, is not a kind of conflict that you want to have at any time during your working career. That you should avoid at all cost.

Your boss will bestow you with an official notice to talk to them. What do you do?

The most common workplace conflict arises as a result of poor relationship between you and your boss. How often you meet will vary depending on the nature of the business, the size of the organization and the type of manager you work with.

Is it a self-assigned task? Is it part of your job? Does the boss know about it? What should you do about bullies and physical intimidation at work?

Your workplace might have a clear definition of bullying but often it slips. I was reading about the worker who was almost shot by a co-worker but he pressed charges, against the advice of his boss, because he realized the bully had been doing the same thing to other workers.

In a previous article, I discussed the importance of knowing the company’s rules and policies for workplace conflict is when it involves something minor, it’s as much about how you handle it to protect yourself in case you have to deal with the same issues again.

In several instances, the worker might have broken the rules of the company but it is the method of dispute resolution that is more important.

You will also have a team. Usually, the team will be headed by a person with the title of team leader. He or she will be the one who leads the team in achieving the team’s objectives.

He or she will also be the one who will make all the assignments to each team member. You will be the one who will make the assignments to each teammate to ensure that you are all working together to achieve the objectives.

It happens a lot, so you might as well get the best out of it. Relationships are the essence to success in any business. As long as your relationships were productive before you decided to get into business. They will be productive even after you decide to get into business.

In this article, we will discuss about the business etiquette in Guyana specifically.

Let’s remember that we are all in business and success is only achieved through the hard work of all parties involved.


Introduce yourself and welcome your new employee on board. Shake hands with everybody.

The employee to be greeted should stand. If you are shaking hands, grab the right hand of the other person, and the shake should be firm and brief.

The employee should respond with a “Good morning, Mr (sir/ ma’am)”.

Never use the name of the other person.

If you are not sure if you will be able to remember names, write names and those you will forget in a notebook.

This way you will have a list for future reference. Therefore, if you greet your colleague and it comes back as first name you will know that you need to develop a memory strategy.

Limotions of Personal Space

Unfortunately, while interacting with colleagues, the space between you and the colleague to one side may feel like personal space, but it is not.

There is a “proximity bubble” around you that is, in actual fact, the space that you would like your colleagues to maintain.

If someone is about to cross the boundary of this bubble you will feel uncomfortable and folded. If you are greeting someone, or walk buy, continue smiling and keep your distance.

How the other person feels comfortable and how the meeting goes is important. Of course, you will not be able to maintain distance in a crowded office.

So, when you want to express energy or excitement, tell your colleagues to come closer to you.

Standing Up and Sitting Down

In business, when a client or a customer enters the room, a person’s first reaction is to stand. It is the same with colleagues when there is a new addition to the group. This is also true when you are entering a meeting room, or when you are in a meeting with higher people.

It’s a good thing that you have done your homework and you walk in confidently.

If the other has to call you “Sir” or “Boss”, don’t forget to introduce yourself.

At some point, you will be in a meeting where the higher bosses will sit together and all the others will sit on the opposite side. It is good that you are careful not to waste time in the beginning of the meeting.

Many employees will not realize that they are not respecting the boundaries of the room. They will be talking from the back or turn to look at absentees. You will not do the same thing.

Gossiping in the office is neither a good nor efficient use of time. There is no need to join in gossiping. If you hear and you don’t want to be part of it, don’t stay.

You close the door, and you shut up. And you carry on. It is hard.

If you found out that someone is talking about you behind your back, get the opportunity to talk and clarify later.

It is a good move to talk in a polite and honest manner. People will believe what you say to them. Even if you are not satisfied with the response, you can preserve your professionalism.

Bringing Your Personal Objects Into the Office

Every modern office has a strict policy about personal property. No matter how small, if you want to bring your personal things to the office, make sure you double check. Sometimes the rules can change in a short time.

No one wants to give up his crayons from childhood or a family picture on the desk.

It is a good idea to organize a place in your locker or a safe deposit, where you can put your personal items if you are concerned about security.

You also must ensure that your clothes are of the appropriate taste and style. Whether you are a man or a woman, make sure you look presentable.

Do not wear your jeans or shorts into the meeting with your boss. It is not appropriate. If someone shows up in shorts or jeans, they will get a warning from a higher level.

It is not the place for it. It is a question of personal discipline.

Making Phone Calls

If you are the boss, you will use the secretary. Otherwise, if you need to call someone, you will have to get the number and get your own phone.

Most people say that phones are a primary location for gossiping.

Wherever you are, take the phone out. It will look bad if you leave your phone on the table, then raise it when the person you call comes in. It will be an embarrassing moment.

When you receive a call, put the phone to your ear and talk over the speaker phone. Otherwise, do not put the phone to your ear and talk quietly.

Although the conversation you are having is confidential, it is possible that the person you are talking to might appear and listen to the conversation. So, it is better to talk above the normal tone.


Because of the change in technology, many companies have relaxed their rules about emoticons. However, each company has a different position. Some still have rules about using emoticons.

If you have an iPhone that produces emoticons, you can send them to your friends, but they are not appropriate in the office.

Furthermore, there are people who do not know what they stand for. Of course, there are people who do not need them, and they will read them as regular text.

In the end, we can say that there is nothing wrong with a smiley or a smiley.


The definition of a joke is that it should be something that is funny to most people.

It is important that you do not deliberately start telling jokes to one person because he is shy or quiet.

It is also important that you do not respond to something that your colleague says jokingly. A colleague who jokes may be trying to share his life, but some people take it seriously.

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It is important to find out if you are saying something wrong. It is better to leave and talk to your workmate about things you have done, instead of trying to get them to go unnoticed.

Asking for Clarification

There are times when you do not understand what someone has said.

Of course, you will not tell your colleague. You will try to clarify in private. However, when you find out that the person has not meant well, you will make a point to discuss it in private.

The same thing happens when someone says something to you. You will go away and think about it first, but after a while you will clarify it with the person.

“You” or “We”

If you are in a group of people and someone refers to another person, such as “you” or “we”, it is a sign of respect.

If the person begins the sentence with “you,” take it as a compliment.

Other people in the group will hear a compliment that is being paid to him. Be good with your colleague and don’t freak out if he refers to you in this way. It is his way of showing you respect.

Introducing Yourself to People

Before learning the handshake, you must learn to give an introduction.

You should tell people to meet your special colleague.

Check out the Power in Learning to Write Business Etiquette or Review How to Introduce Yourself

Be sure to finish the introduction with a follow-up question. For example, where are you from? Where do you live in the city? Do you live in the city?

This gives your colleague the chance to know each other better.

Also be sure to do the introductions of colleagues as you meet them for the first time.

Two-handed Handshakes

The heart to heart handshake is when you hold the other by the elbow with your hand, keep it steady. Now, you and the other person’s hand will be up to the elbow. It is more than a twoperson handshake.

You can probably hold the hand of another up to the elbow.

Someone with long arms will be able to extend his arm a little further. But it is important to check whether your colleague is more comfortable as he is or a little further.

A double hand shake takes a while to do and requires a lot of attention.

Don’t expect to do a double hand shake in a fast-paced business meeting.

Your hands say a lot about you. It is a good idea to take care of them to send the right message to your colleagues.

A handshake should be clean and sanitary.

Take a shower or at least wash your hands before doing business.

Get your nails and cuticles squared. Your hands should look clean.

You don’t want them to be too soft or too cold. Follow the path of least resistance. In other words, you should not overdo it.

You want to be crisp but not cold.

The clothes you wear can usually say a lot about you. The same thing goes for the handshake.

If you show up with torn clothing, someone will probably think you do not care about your appearance.

If you show up with too tight clothes, then someone will not pay attention to you.

What you wear affects how people treat you. Think about the image you are sending.

Also, remove finger rings before shaking a hand. There is a chance that your colleague might cut his finger with a ring.

Communication Skills

Communication is an essential part of business and many people make mistakes in this regard. Talking to someone about some small things is not a big deal, but it can be a matter of life and death for the other person.

What if you are in a meeting and someone calls you “Hey, you!”? Your colleague is probably talking about you, so don’t ignore it.

Instead of ignoring it, talk to your colleague to discuss everything openly, and it will be easier for you.

Also, think about what you are going to say before you say it. Does it sound right?

Speak loudly enough. The person you are trying to talk may be one of the most important persons you speak to today, so try not to be shy.

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