Buffalo Grove Companies Revolutionizing the Luxury Events Industry

February 8, 2024
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Welcome to Levi Keswick, your curated guide to the world of fashion, luxury and the upscale life. In our latest series, we’re highlighting the movers and shakers of the Events industry. We bring you under the spotlight, companies calling the quaint suburb of Buffalo Grove, Illinois, their home base. From producing some of the most exciting race events, to providing the most avant-garde technology rentals for events, these companies are setting high standards in their respective industries.

Buffalo Grove, known for its quiet neighborhoods and top-notch schools, is also making a name for itself as a hub for game-changing companies in the Events sector. From internationally renowned event management firms, to innovative software solution providers, these companies are rewriting the rules of the game. Dive in, as we take a closer look at each one.

So, without further ado, here are the companies that give Buffalo Grove its energetic business pulse, and make it an exciting place to watch in the Events industry.

RAM Racing

Representing the intersection of sports and entertainment is RAM Racing, a stalwart in the events management industry. Headquartered in Buffalo Grove, RAM Racing brings adrenaline-charged racing events to life. More details can be found on their LinkedIn page.


Next up is EnMotive, a savvy blend of Events, Information Technology, and Software. EnMotive drives events with technology, making them more engaging, manageable and memorable. Follow their story on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Aria Technology Rentals

Aria Technology Rentals is a powerhouse in the Computer, Events and Rental industry. Offering cutting-edge technology rentals for events, Aria ensures your event never misses a digital beat. Connect with them on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Carey Smolensky Productions

Carey Smolensky Productions is a leader in the Broadcasting, Event Management, Events, Media and Entertainment, and Music industries. Founded by Carey Smolensky, this Buffalo Grove gem infuses events with energy and creativity. Follow their journey on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

The Arboretum Club

At The Arboretum Club, Golf, Events and Weddings meet under the verdant canopy of a golf country club. From big-scope corporate outings to intimate weddings, The Arboretum Club promises an unparalleled setting for your event. Keep up with their updates on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Buffalo Grove Theater

Finally, we’re taking the spotlight to the iconic Buffalo Grove Theater. Providing an eclectic venue for private parties and corporate events, the Buffalo Grove Theater is a cornerstone of entertainment in Buffalo Grove. Follow their exciting event lineup on Facebook.

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