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Blanton’s Bourbon: The Crown Jewel of Buffalo Trace Distillery

September 24, 2023
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Key Takeaways:

  • The transformative journey of Blanton’s Bourbon since 1984.
  • Master Distiller Elmer T. Lee’s innovative foresight.
  • The nuances between the Blanton’s bourbon expressions.
  • Making an informed choice: Which Blanton’s bourbon should grace your glass?

The Genesis of Blanton’s Bourbon Brilliance

Initiated in 1984, Blanton’s bourbons, courtesy of the Buffalo Trace Distillery, have become synonymous with exceptional whiskey experiences. What started as an innovative attempt by Master Distiller Elmer T. Lee to revitalize the declining bourbon market, turned into a game-changer. Surprisingly, it was the Japanese market that first recognized the genius behind Blanton’s single-barrel bourbons, which eventually fueled a renaissance in bourbon appreciation globally. So when pondering what is the best Blanton’s bourbon, it’s essential to appreciate its transformative journey.

The Four Pillars of Blanton’s

Blanton’s Single Barrel Bourbon Special Reserve:

  • Profile: This expression, primarily designed for the international market, boasts a milder profile thanks to its 40% ABV. While it retains the quintessential Blanton’s character, it serves as an excellent base for mixed drinks. Its vanilla undertones, accented by cedar nuances, make it a refreshing yet subtle choice.

Blanton’s The Original Single Barrel:

  • Profile: Embodying the essence of classic bourbon, this variant is a tribute to Elmer T. Lee’s vision. With an ABV of 46.5%, it offers a harmonious blend of Christmas spices, honeycomb, vanilla, and leather. Its versatility shines both in sips and in cocktails, making it a beloved choice for many.

Blanton’s Straight From The Barrel:

  • Profile: This unaltered expression goes directly from the barrel into the bottle, resulting in varying alcohol content. Its profile is reminiscent of luxurious dark chocolates infused with almonds and spices. While it’s undeniably intense, it’s perfect for those seeking an authentic, unfiltered bourbon experience.

Blanton’s Gold Edition:

  • Profile: Often hailed as the crown jewel of Blanton’s expressions, the Gold Edition, with its 51.5% ABV, is a masterclass in bourbon crafting. Its exquisite blend of spicy tobacco, caramel, and dark chocolate, harmoniously coupled with winter fruit orchards, makes it the epitome of luxury.

Finding Your Perfect Blanton’s Match

With varied profiles and price points, the task of determining what is the best Blanton’s bourbon boils down to personal preferences. For those seeking a milder experience or a versatile cocktail base, the Special Reserve is ideal. If a classic bourbon profile with balanced flavors is what you’re after, The Original Single Barrel won’t disappoint. Adventurous souls who crave intensity will find solace in the Straight From The Barrel. And for those seeking unparalleled luxury, the Gold Edition stands unmatched.

In Conclusion: Savoring the Blanton’s Legacy

Blanton’s bourbons, with their rich history and exceptional craftsmanship, have carved a niche in the whiskey world. While each expression has its unique charm, they all epitomize Blanton’s commitment to quality. So whether you’re a bourbon novice or a connoisseur, there’s a Blanton’s waiting to enchant your palate. And while the quest to determine what is the best Blanton’s bourbon might be subjective, the joy derived from savoring these masterpieces is universal.

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