Best Tips for Positioning Your Sectional in a Living Room

Best Tips for Positioning Your Sectional in a Living Room

October 29, 2021
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Living rooms can be hard to decorate! It seems like every year there is a new style, fabric, or mood that is being spread around as the popular style to have within your house. However, even with all the changeability of design within living rooms, there will always be some constants in regard to design philosophy. One of the biggest constants in living room design is how you position your sectional. Here are some of the best tips for positioning your sectional in a living room.

Use It as a Room Divider

Because sectionals and couches are somewhat large pieces of furniture, they make for a great way to unobtrusively separate living spaces without making the space seem smaller or more crowded. Most will find themselves doing—especially in more open living room spaces—is to use the couch as a room boundary. Usually, when this is done, one end of the sectional will still be touching a wall, providing a complete boundary for the space without seeming oddly placed within the room.

Go With the Room Shape!

One of the biggest mistakes that many will make is to force the “shape” of the room with the furniture in place. Instead of forcing the room into an unnatural layout, consider placing furniture along or parallel to the walls of the room. This will reflect the room’s shape while ensuring that the furniture is placed to make sense for a living space! In doing so, they often place a sectional in an area that does not quite make sense for the room while trying to make a space exactly how they imagine it should be.

Measure the Room

One of the great (and sometimes frustrating) characteristics of sectionals is that they come in many different sizes and layouts. As such, measuring the space beforehand can make the process of positioning your sectional a lot easier for you! While this can be good for the prepared homeowner who knows exactly what dimensions their couch should be, it can also be a nightmare for the unprepared.

We hope these tips for positioning your sectional in your living room has helped you realize where you are going wrong and how you can fix it! If you are considering getting a new couch, sectional, or another type of sofa, make sure you look around the local consignment stores! These stores will often have great quality furniture at unbeatable prices. Just make sure you inspect the pieces before you bring them home!

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