Best Performance Mods for Your Sports Car

Best Performance Mods for Your Sports Car

April 12, 2022
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You can’t deny the thrill of accelerating, cornering, and braking in a performance vehicle. Your car looks great and feels great, in part because you act on room for improvement.

Sports car owners have a nearly endless selection of aftermarket customization options to enhance their car’s capabilities. Get some ideas from this list of the best performance mods for your sports car.

Visualize Data on Gauges and a Dash Display

As you shop for performance car parts, keep your car’s data in mind. Improve driver visibility of the engine’s vital signs with high performance digital gauges. With these gauges, you can precisely monitor things like your boost pressure, oil pressure, fuel pressure, temperatures, and more.

Install a racing dash display if you need easy-to-navigate data visualization and want to adapt your ride in style. Customizable warnings and alarms keep you in tune with your vehicle as you drive, and features such as GPS and logging can keep track of your vehicle speed and lap timing.

Prevent Detonation With a Water/Methanol Injection Kit

Water/methanol injection systems inject a mist of a water and methanol mix into the engine’s cylinder charge. The mixture absorbs heat and vaporizes, keeping the temperature low. This makes the chance for detonation low, thus keeping your engine safe.

As the water evaporates and the methanol boosts the octane of your fuel, the process can create additional horsepower. Properly tune your water/methanol injection to achieve this effect from one of the best performance mods for your sports car.

Control Your Turbocharged Race Engine’s Boost

A boost controller controls the manifold pressure (boost) by changing the pressure going to the wastegate. A boost controller allows you to increase the manifold pressure above the wastegate actuator pressure. It reduces the pressure in the hose that feeds the wastegate. This sends a low-boost signal to the wastegate. Because of this, the wastegate doesn’t open, thus allowing the boost pressure to rise.

You’ll get greater airflow into your engine and more power by using a boost controller. Raising the boost will increase the stress on your engine’s parts, but in most cases your engine will stay safe with a 10-to- 20 percent increase.

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