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Best High End Mascara – Expert Recommendations

September 9, 2021
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This article showcases our top picks for the Best High End Mascara. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below).

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Better Than Sex Mascara

This product was recommended by Maggie Zhang from Coffeeble

It “clumps enough to add elaborate volume without leaving chunks behind (yes, clumping is necessary for volume). It also offers extension, so I don’t have to chose between volume & length. I only have to go over my eyes once over the top & once on the bottom to get a full set of glam-tastic lashes. It never flakes on my face. Even the regular (non-waterproof) seems rain & snow resistant. It washes off easily. I rarely need to wear eyeliner with it.

Byredo Space Black Mascara

This product was recommended by Kerrin Jackson from Utter Musings

Byredo is synonymous with luxury and an unconventional aesthetic like no other cosmetic brand on the market. Their mascara is no exception. Whilst at first glance, it may look like something out of your veggie drawer in the fridge, it’s design and look goes way deeper than that. This funky mascara feels great in the hand and feels very natural and easy to use. The silicon brush acts more like a comb and makes clean, defined eyelashes achievable, and quickly. It reaches each and every lash on application. You can also build your coverage to create drama on your eyes and feel like a model while you do it. There is something sleek and elegant, yet with just the right amount of urban chic about the look and style of a Byredo beauty product. It truly is a little work of art. And the usability of the design of the mascara proves that form and function can go hand in hand.

Benefit Roller Lash Mascara

This product was recommended by Laura Chawke from Makeup Scholar

My ultimate favorite mascara – Benefit Roller Lash provides a wearable but definitely noticeable lengthening, curling, and uplifting effect to your lashes! It’s perfect for everyday wear if you want to open up your eyes and look more awake, while still avoiding that spider-lash look. Roller Lash is not as expensive as some other higher-end mascaras, and unlike less expensive options, it continues to apply well and last even after a few weeks of continuous use. Plus, unlike Benefit’s They’re Real, it’s very easy to remove at night!

Elina Organics Skincare All Natural Mascara

This product was recommended by Jessica McCafferty Brennan from Janice McCafferty PR

STRENGTHENS & CONDITIONS – Our 100% Natural, 85% Organic Vegan, and Gluten-Free Formula is enriched with eyelash conditioning and strengthening ingredients, including chamomile, vitamin E, coffee powder, and sunflower seed oil. GENTLE, NON-TOXIC FORMULA – No artificial colors and dyes, toxic preservatives, petroleum, or synthetic fragrances. SOFT, FULL, LUSH LASHES – This unique brush adds volume, length, and separation to eyelashes evenly and smoothly with no flakes, smudges, or clumps. This buildable color is suitable for short and long lashes and will stay put throughout the day. Say goodbye to spider lashes and raccoon eyes! LASTS ALL DAY – This long-lasting mascara applies smoothly and removes easily at the end of the day, making it the perfect everyday mascara! This formula is water-resistant. AVAILABLE COLORS: Black INGREDIENT HIGHLIGHTS: * Sunflower Seed Oil – rich in nutritious fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals that creates a layer of protection on the lashes and prevents breakage * Vitamin E – conditions lashes to strengthen and lengthen, protects against hair follicle breakage * Coffee – contains caffeine which stimulates hair follicle and elongates hair shaft to protect lash as it grows longer * Chamomile – helps keep lashes shiny, contains flavonoids to help reduce potential inflammation

Marc Jacobs Beauty Velvet Noir Mascara

This product was recommended by Meredith Boyd from MeredithBoyd

This mascara is the #goat mascaras! It will create the volume and drama of a false lash in three strokes or less. Having worked as a pro makeup artist since 1999, this mascara brush and Flash Volume Complex formula creates instant, smudge-proof epic lashes in seconds on clients of all ages.

Eyelash Icing Waterproof Mascara

This product was recommended by Brielyn Stoll from Push the Envelope PR

Enter the Beauty Bakerie freezer and start ice-ing with the NEW waterproof and volumizing Eyelash Icing Mascara. The perfect topper for your baked beat, Eyelash Icing Mascara will freeze your lashes in place for all-day, all-night long-lasting wear. Perfect for summer, this mascara will stay on at the beach, at the pool, anywhere!

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