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Best High End Kitchen Appliances – Expert Recommendations

September 12, 2021
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This article showcases our top picks for the Best High End Kitchen Appliances. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below).

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World CopperSmith Custom Rangehood

This product was recommended by Elaina Notman from World CopperSmith

World CopperSmith is a leading custom metalwork platform. They offer innovative, handcrafted products that a customer can order online, shipped directly to their door. While their range hoods are a bestseller, they also make sinks, bathtubs, fireplaces and other unique fixtures that are created to be the focal point of any room. Their products are loved by interior designers and architectures looking to bring unique additions to modern homes.

F.Blumlein Countertop Steam Oven

This product was recommended by Vivian from F.Blumlein

F.blumlein steam oven is an all-in-one kitchen appliance that makes cooking easier and healthier. You can save time cooking meals with the preset function with this versatile oven. Eat healthier by cooking with the powerful force of steam.

Bonavita Connoisseur 8-Cup One-Touch Coffee Maker

This product was recommended by Chef Carolyn from Kitchen Gadgets Maven

According to one of our correspondents, owner, and founder of a coffee shop, temperature is one of the parameters. There is an agreed-upon standard in the range of 198 and 202 degrees, which is very rarely achieved by most of the machines. Our correspondent added that this one brews into an insulated thermal carafe. This means you can evade the risk of burning the coffee by keeping it warm without heating it from below. Furthermore, while brewing, the coffee maker distributes the water over the coffee grounds.

Bellemain Burger Press Non-Stick Hamburger Patty Maker

This product was recommended by Chef Carolyn from Kitchen Gadgets Maven

The Bellemain Burger Press Non-Stick Hamburger Patty Maker is made out of an aluminum housing that feels reliable and long. Bellemain designed a crafty mechanism for cleaning – it’s easy to take the machine apart when it’s time to clean up (and it comes back together just as fast). It is great with its ease of adjustment, simplicity in dismantling for cleaning, and users report its firm press.

Vitamix 6500 Blender

This product was recommended by Chef Carolyn from Kitchen Gadgets Maven

This blender has three pre-programmed settings (smoothie, hot soup, and cold desert) that allow you to quickly access the blender’s best features. This model is best with its low profile container, powerful steel blades, speed settings & its presets, shatter-proof plastic jar, and ease of use. A little caveat, Vitamix blenders are comparatively costly from its other models and are quite noisy, too. In general, though, the Vitamix 6500 has received a lot of good reviews.

Breville CS20001 Joule Sous Vide

This product was recommended by Devan Cameron from Braised & Deglazed

These machines can be a little pricey but they provide very precise control of temperature which means perfectly cooked food. For those that don’t know, they’re essentially a water bath with a very accurate temperature probe that allows you to cook food low and slow and get some ultra-tender food. You can, for example, cook a beef short rib for 3 days in the sous vide machine that yields the most tender and juicy meat and in the world.

Maverick PRO-Series XR-50 Bluetooth Thermometer

This product was recommended by Devan Cameron from Braised & Deglazed

If you’re doing any serious BBQing or cooking large roasts at home a good thermometer is worth the money. This Maverick pro is one of the best thermometers you can buy. This thermometer is great because it’s got four temperature probes that allow you to accurately measure the bbq’s temperature as well as the internal temperature of a variety of meats. You can set a timer for the correct internal temperature of a large piece of meat and the Maverick Pro will notify you via Bluetooth when the meat is ready. Too easy!

Built-In Smart Convection Microwave Drawer Oven

This product was recommended by Leo Young from Optimized Family

After needing more counter space in my kitchen, I came across Sharp’s Built-In Smart Convection Microwave Drawer Oven. With two little boys always willing to push buttons, this microwave comes with concealed touch glass controls that are adults can easily see and operate. For the cost of this luxurious kitchen appliance, you get a microwave that is compatible with Alexa and the Sharp Kitchen App. It features dual Convection Fans for Turntable-Free Baking, Roasting, Grilling, and Air Frying as well as an Easy Wave Open for Quick, Touchless Opening of the Convection Microwave Drawer™ Oven. The microwave has a built-in airflow control for Flush Mounting and the looks elegant and stylish in our kitchen.

Gaggia Anima Prestige Automatic Espresso Machine

This product was recommended by Peter Lipson from Kitchenda

Designed and made in Italy, the Gaggia Anima Prestige is fully automated. In the mood for a latte macchiato? Hit one button and you’re done. This unit does everything from grinding the beans to frothing the milk. Simple maintenance coupled with beautiful design. I have this model in my own kitchen. It wasn’t cheap, but every morning I’m glad it’s there!

NutraMilk | Nut Processor Machine

This product was recommended by Francisca Jimenez from Social Thinkking

The NutraMilk is the only patented processor/blender appliance that can produce fresh, ready to drink alternative milks, butters, dips, spreads, smoothies, and other delicious treats in minutes from virtually any nut, seed, grain, legume and more. There’s no overnight soaking, heat, straining, rinsing, or mess involved. Making favorites such as oat milk and peanut butter at home not only saves money and cuts out unwanted additives, but it also produces virtually zero waste. The NutraMilk makes the perfect kitchen appliance for: – Conscious consumers – Vegans/vegetarians – Fitness fanatics – Cooks/Chefs

EspressoWorks 7 Cappuccino Maker Barista Bundle

This product was recommended by Dave Pedley from YourCub

This beauty makes freshly ground coffee from the bean – no prepacked pods or packets – and allows you to experiment with as many different types of beans as you like. And the very best coffee is one that has been ground then and there with the aroma flooding the home. From espresso to americano to latte or cappuccino – the EspressoWorks delivers with easy functionality, a built-in steamer, and frother – and best of all brews TWO cups simultaneously. Who wants to drink great coffee alone?

Professional Heavy Duty Citrus Juicer

This product was recommended by Diana Cardinale from Zulay Kitchen

Im suggesting this product as it is a high quality product that has been listed as one of the best Juicers on the market! and At Zulay Kitchen we focus on product quality and we want more people to access our innovative and useful products designed to make your life easier.

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