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Best Affordable Fashion Brands That Stay Eco-friendly

March 19, 2020
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It’s true that without innovation, mass production of cheap clothes will remain a large pollutant for our planet. These companies prove that it is possible to sell cheaper clothes at a profit and remain eco-friendly.

We found it refreshing to learn how these clever designers are able to save extra material, source it from ethical sources and still manage to make apparel that you’d love to wear. The way to kickstart change is by supporting these companies in their rising popularity. Caring for our planet is not a trend. It’s here to stay. 

Beau and Belle Littles!

This product was recommended by Rachelle Baron from Beau and Belle Littles

The urge to “go green” continues to grow in momentum as the degrading state of the environment continues to hit the headlines. What better way to invest in the future of the Earth, leaving it a better place for our children, than by focusing on products that are both good for babies as well as the environment? Beau and Belle Littles is an adorable and useful product that parents can feel good about using for their kids.

Their line of reusable swim diapers has been awarded the Eco Excellence Award for the best baby products in the diapers category, #1 Swim Diaper on and Amazon’s Choice! All of Beau and Belle Littles products come with a one year warranty. The reusable and adjustable swim diapers come in two sizes – the regular size fits babies from 6 months to two years old!

The larger option is perfect for growth chart overachievers, late potty trainers, or children with special needs. It fits most children up to age five! That means you won’t be spending your summer fun money on disposable swim diapers – you can reuse these sustainable diapers for years! There are a dozen cute and colorful prints to choose from with two that have matching rash guards. Get ready for warmer weather, pool days, beach visits with this adorable swim wear for babies and toddlers!


This product was recommended by Jamie Bacharach from Jerusalem Acupuncture

A leading force in the fashion industry in sustainability, Pact stands for and prioritizes ethical practices over profits. Featuring organic and GOTS Certified cotton, a fair trade USA certified factory and a guarantee of sustainable and ethical manufacturing, Pact strives to make genuine changes in the fashion industry. In addition to attractive clothes which will help you look good, wearing Pact clothing can help you feel good in knowing that you’ve helped improve fashion at large with your choice.


This product was recommended by Jené Luciani from MySkineez

SKINEEZ skincarewear is eco-friendly because the compression leggings, socks and gloves basically eliminate the need to also purchase and use moisturizer (thereby creating waste). The patented medical-grade fabric is infused with five essential all-natural moisturizers such as rosehip oil and shea butter. It’s also proudly made right here in the USA, with no fuel emissions to transport here from overseas.


This product was recommended by Christina Towle from BuzzBright PR

Denim done with a long view towards the future. No corners are cut and environmental steps are taken at every turn. On top of that, reDEW8 contributes 25% of all profits to projects designed to foster environmental responsibility and sustainability. Oh, and did we mention that their jeans are awesome? Constructed for the long haul, yet comfortable with timeless colors and cuts, these will be the bedrock of your wardrobe for years to come.

Save Lands

This product was recommended by Katie Rose Cronin from Save Lands

Save Lands apparel is a new brand that has a lot going for it! Not only do they offer supremely cute clothing featuring sweet, adventure themed sayings accompanied by cool and dreamy graphics, they happen to celebrate Earth Day, every day. Save Lands plants 12 trees for every tee, sweatshirt and bracelet they sell.

Everything sold on their site is eco-friendly, ethically made, cruelty-free, and their main suppliers are all Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production certified. Although Save Lands shows great humility in what they do, their impact is speaking volumes: – 430,000 trees planted—that is the equivalent of 20,640,000 pounds of carbon dioxide cleaned per year – Each tree is planted in a forest garden to help to revitalize the soil in the area


This product was recommended by Patrick Jones from Agentry PR

T-Bô is a sustainable, co-created bodywear brand, made from water-saving, hypoallergenic, antimicrobial bamboo-based fabrics. The sustainable active shirts and underwear from T-Bô has amassed a direct customer base of 85,000 active purchasers, as well as over 280,000 subscribers.

These men act as valuable resources as well in the development, production, and co-creation of the product T-Bô offers as the first fully demand-based brand which reduces the need for large inventories and thus saves on using the raw materials used to create the product. T-Bô is also the first bodywear brand to give their customers the choice to go waste-free with the launch of their No Packaging campaign. T-B ô is also part of 1% For The Planet where they donate 1% of global revenue to a cause proposed and selected by their online.


This product was recommended by Megan from The Tropical Agency

Fashom focuses on inclusive, body-positive clothing from ethically-sourced vendors and all vegan products. Fashom isn’t your typical subscription box. In fact, there’s no subscription; you can use it as little or as often as you’d like (which also makes it a great gift idea!).


This product was recommended by Whitney Fields from Whitney Fields

The elegant tee was created by Katie Martinez in 2010 to merge her garment industry experience with entrepreneurship to fight sex trafficking. It’s more than creating stylish clothing, but by opening doors for those rescued. Elegantees provides hope to survivors of sex trafficking in Nepal. The sewing center employs nearly 20 people for the company who earn a positive and livable source of income that reinforces independence, a healthy self-image, and confidence that restores lives.


This product was recommended by Kristi from Encircled

Encircled clothing is ethically made in Toronto, Canada using premium sustainable fabrics, such as Modal, Bamboo, and Tencel. These fabrics are also OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified which means they’re free of harmful chemicals. Not only is Encircled clothing sustainably made, but it is also created with the goal of helping women own less clothing. Specializing in modern basics and multi-wear pieces, Encircled clothing is incredibly versatile and perfect for creating a minimalist capsule wardrobe.


This product was recommended by Mike Sheety from That Shirt

I would recommend this brand as they strive to use all-natural fabrics and cotton in their designs, greatly aiding in preserving the environment and protecting it from harmful materials frequently used in the production of clothing, like plastics for example. Aside from the natural materials they use, Kotn is an ethical and fair brand that strives to rebuild Egypt’s industry with its support of the local community and factories. They have also sided with pro-literacy organizations in Egypt in order to put a stop to child labor, as well as to help construct and fund new schools.

Tribe Alive

This product was recommended by Machell Espejo from Moderne Press

Tribe Alive partners with 100% female-led artisan co-ops across the globe, creating products that utilize organic or upcycled materials free of toxic chemicals and dyes. By working with female-led artisan groups in their product development and production, the brand aims to be a platform in which they can help alleviate poverty through economic empowerment ­ by providing living wages, education, and safe working conditions. In countries where Tribe Alive operates, the living wage they provide is 2 to 3 times more than the minimum wage; meaning that their employees in these countries are able to pay for housing and food, childcare, and healthcare

Tsunami Sport

This product was recommended by Arianna Ruvalcaba from Tsunami Sport

Tsunami Sport is eco-friendly because it recycles post-consumer plastic and incorporates it into athletic garments for teams everywhere. It also packages apparel in bulk, and even then in bags that dissolve in water. All ink used on garments is non-toxic. Although not a retail brand, Tsunami can provide custom team wear for your local school team or sports club with the low minimum order quantity of 10 pieces.

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