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Bacardi Rum: Affordable Elegance in Every Sip

May 12, 2023
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Key Takeaways

  • Bacardi Limited is the largest privately-owned spirits company worldwide, producing over 200 brands.
  • Bacardi rums are affordable, with prices starting at around $12 for a bottle.
  • Bacardi has a variety of rum types, including white, pale, dark, black, navy, and premium aged.
  • Popular Bacardi-based cocktails include the Classic Daiquiri and the Dark & Stormy.

Bacardi Limited has grown from producing exclusive rums to a vast array of spirits, including scotch, gin, vodka, and more. With a fascinating history and a wide variety of flavors, Bacardi rums have become a staple in many households and bars. In this article, we will delve into the prices, types, and sizes of Bacardi rums, as well as offer a buying guide for enthusiasts and newbies alike.

The History Behind Bacardi Rums

Bacardi Limited was founded in 1862 by Don Facundo Bacardí Massó, a Spanish wine merchant who moved to Santiago de Cuba. With the help of his wife, Amalia Moreau, they established a rum distillery that would revolutionize the rum-making process. The iconic bat logo found on every Bacardi bottle came from Amalia, who believed that bats symbolized good health, family unity, and good fortune.

The Bacardi Rum Making Process

Bacardi rums are made from distilled sugarcane, infused with flavors like caramel, vanilla, molasses, and nutmeg. The aging process occurs in charred oak barrels, which lends a smoky flavor to the rums. Bacardi offers a range of rums, including superior white or clear, pale, dark, black, navy, and premium aged.

How Much Is a Pint of Bacardi?

The affordability of Bacardi rums is a significant factor in their widespread popularity. Prices for Bacardi rums start at around $12 for a bottle. Ready-to-drink Rum Punch in cans is also available for about $3, perfect for outdoor picnics and gatherings.

Comparing Bacardi to Other Rum Brands

  • Malibu – Known for its fruity rums and similar price range to Bacardi.
  • Kraken – Offers an exclusive smooth and rich black spiced rum at a similar price to Bacardi.
  • Captain Morgan – Produces classic spiced rums at a slightly higher price than Bacardi, but does not offer fruit-flavored rums.
  • Sailor Jerry – Creates spiced rums inspired by molasses and Caribbean flavors, with prices starting at $18, comparable to Bacardi.

How to Enjoy Bacardi Rums

For sipping rum, choose a premium dark brand like Bacardi Gran Reserva Limitada, aged 10 to 16 years in oak barrels. Bacardi Superior, the original white rum from 1862, is perfect for mixing in cocktails. For beginners, Bacardi offers an extensive line of flavored rums to explore and enjoy.

Two Popular Bacardi-Based Cocktails

  1. Classic Daiquiri – A simple and refreshing cocktail made with Bacardi Superior, lime juice, and simple syrup.
  2. Dark & Stormy – A spicy, warming cocktail made with Bacardi Black, ginger beer, lime juice, and lime wedges.

Bacardi Rum Sizes and Buying Guide

When purchasing Bacardi rum, you will find a range of bottle sizes to accommodate your needs. Here are the common sizes and their approximate prices:

  • 375ml – Also known as a “pint,” this size is perfect for trying out a new flavor or for occasional drinkers. Prices start at around $7.
  • 750ml – The standard size for most spirits, this bottle is ideal for regular consumers and parties. Prices start at around $12.
  • 1L – This larger size is great for those who entertain frequently or enjoy Bacardi rums regularly. Prices start at around $15.
  • 1.75L – Known as a “handle,” this size is perfect for large gatherings or for stocking up on your favorite rum. Prices start at around $23.

When buying Bacardi rum, consider factors such as your budget, preferred flavors, and intended usage. For instance, if you enjoy hosting parties or frequently mix cocktails, investing in larger bottles may be more cost-effective. On the other hand, if you’re new to Bacardi rums or want to sample different flavors, smaller bottles may be a better choice.

Expanding Your Bacardi Collection

As you delve into the world of Bacardi rums, you may be enticed to explore their other offerings. Bacardi Limited has expanded its portfolio to include a wide variety of spirits, such as:

  • Gin – Bacardi-owned Bombay Sapphire is a popular gin known for its distinctive blue bottle and refreshing, balanced flavor profile.
  • Vodka – Grey Goose, another Bacardi-owned brand, is a premium French vodka with a reputation for exceptional smoothness and taste.
  • Tequila – Bacardi’s Cazadores tequila is crafted from 100% blue agave and offers a range of styles, including blanco, reposado, and añejo.
  • Whiskey – Bacardi’s Angel’s Envy is an award-winning whiskey aged in port wine barrels, resulting in a unique and rich flavor.

By exploring the broader Bacardi Limited portfolio, you can discover new flavors and experiences to complement your love for Bacardi rums.

Final Thoughts

Bacardi rums have a rich history and a reputation for quality and affordability. With a wide range of flavors and types, there’s a Bacardi rum for everyone – from beginners to seasoned enthusiasts. By understanding the different offerings, prices, and sizes available, you can make informed decisions when purchasing Bacardi rums and enjoy them in various delicious cocktails or as a sipping rum. Cheers to the versatile and delightful world of Bacardi rums!

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