6 Things To Look Out For If You Plan On Going Paddle Boarding

6 Things To Look Out For If You Plan On Going Paddle Boarding

March 25, 2022
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Paddleboarding is a great way to enjoy the water and get some exercise, but there are a few things you should keep in mind if you plan on going paddleboarding. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced paddleboarder, there are always things to look out for when you’re on the water. Here are six things to keep in mind the next time you hit the paddleboarding trails:

1. Paddle Boarding Safety: What You Need To Know

When you’re paddleboarding, it’s important to always be aware of your surroundings and take into account the safety risks. Always wear a life jacket when paddleboarding. This is the number one thing you can do to stay safe while paddleboarding.

There are some risks that come with paddle boarding, such as falling off your board and getting struck by a boat. Make sure you are aware of these risks before you go paddleboarding and take the necessary precautions to avoid them.

2. Choosing the Right Board and Gear

Paddleboarding can be a fun and exhilarating activity, but it is important to choose the right board and gear before you start. Otherwise, you may find yourself struggling or even risking injury.

One of the most important things to consider when choosing a paddleboard is its size. You want a board that is big enough to support your weight and provide stability, but not so big that it is difficult to maneuver.

When selecting gear, make sure to choose items that are comfortable and fit well. For example, a wet suit should be snug but not too tight, and a life jacket should be easy to put on and take off. You will also need to choose a paddle that is the right length for you. In addition to the board and gear, you will also need to consider the conditions of the water where you will be paddleboarding.

3. Weather and Conditions

When you’re paddleboarding, the weather and conditions can change very quickly. You need to be prepared for a variety of paddling conditions, from glassy lake surfaces to wind-whipped waves. Make sure you check the weather forecast before heading out and always be aware of your surroundings. If the weather looks like it’s going to take a turn for the worse, it’s best to head back in.4. Boat Traffic

Many people don’t realize that paddleboards are considered vessels by the law. This means you need to obey all the same rules as boats when you’re on the water. Make sure to stay aware of boat traffic, and always give them plenty of room.

4. Paddle Boarding Technique

Paddleboarding can be a very fun and rewarding experience but it is important to make sure you have the right technique before getting started. Remember, paddle boarding can be very challenging so it is important to take things slow and steady in order to avoid any accidents or injuries. Here are some tips on how to paddleboard correctly:

  • When paddling, make sure to use a smooth and even motion. Avoid quick, choppy movements as they can be very tiring and make it difficult to stay on the board.
  • Always use a strong grip on the paddle and keep your elbows close to your body. This will help you generate more power when paddling.
  • Make sure to keep your body in alignment when paddling. Avoid hunching over as this will make it difficult to paddle and can lead to back pain.
  • If you need to rest, sit on the board with your legs dangling over the edge. This will help you stay balanced and avoid tipping over.

5. Strength and Endurance

If you are like most people, you probably think that paddleboarding is just a leisurely activity. You would be wrong. While it is true that paddleboarding can be a very relaxing and enjoyable experience, it can also be a very strenuous workout. If you are not in good shape, or if you do not have good endurance, you will quickly become exhausted. Paddleboarding requires a lot of strength and endurance, so if you are not used to working out, it is best to start slow and build up your strength and endurance over time.

6. Practice Well Enough

This one is probably the most important. If you are not good at swimming, or if you have never paddle boarded before, it is crucial that you practice well enough before hitting the open water. Paddleboarding can be a dangerous activity if you are not experienced and do not know what you are doing. Make sure that you take the time to learn the basics and to practice in a safe environment before hitting the open water.

Paddleboarding can be a great way to spend a day on the water, but it is important to remember that it is also a challenging activity. Make sure you are prepared for the conditions, have the right gear, and know the proper technique before heading out. And most importantly, practice well enough so that you are safe and confident when you are on the water.


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