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6 Stylish Luxury Earring Brands

April 8, 2019
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When donning yourself some fancy on-point outfit, earrings are just one of those things that should never be overlooked, your earlobes deserve just as much attention as the top and bottom of the wardrobe you choose.

When it comes to dressing up those ears, there is as much variety as you could imagine with any other accessory, be sure to pick the best one next time you’re shopping, make sure it’s one from the best luxury earring brands.

#1 Berlinger Jewelry

Berlinger Jewelry recommended by Michelle Berlinger on Levi Keswick. Berlinger handcrafts all of its jewelry in the USA in14K gold and platinum with an array of white and black diamonds. Bold, Art-Deco inspired designs to marry luxury with timeless aesthetics. With spectacular earrings that cater to both men and women, Berlinger is the up and coming designer earring brand you don’t want to miss out on.


#2 Sikara & Co.

Sikara & Co. recommended by Stephanie Brown on Levi Keswick. Sikara & Co. mission is to bring the world closer together by celebrating global designs in Austin, Texas. They strive to discover unique and classic designs inspired from the globe, sharing the beauty of the world with our customers. Part of bringing the world closer together also means giving back to the communities of Sikara’s customers and to the globe. They strive to build a company in which high standards are reflective in all aspects of their business including their team, operations, product and service while having fun!


#3 Eliza Page

Eliza Page recommended by Stephanie Brown on Levi Keswick. Eliza Page showcases curated collections, by select, independent artists based in Austin, Texas and around the world. Eliza Page is dedicated to featuring jewelry that is designed and finished by artisan hands, with an emphasis on beauty and quality. Founded in 2004, the store was originally opened by owner Elizabeth Page to bring her passion for fashion-forward, high-quality, handcrafted jewelry to the discerning customer.


#4 Joy Creations

Joy Creations recommended by Cara Corbett on Levi Keswick. Joy creations is an Ottawa-based boutique jeweller offering beautiful handmade pieces from in house and international designers. Work with our on-site goldsmith to repair broken jewellery, or create completely customizable pieces personalized to you.


#5 Rogers & Hollands

Rogers & Hollands recommended by Jeff Moriarty on Levi Keswick. One of our best selling brands of earrings is called Beats of Love. It’s been a big seller in our stores for years. While they also sell necklaces, the earrings have always been a favorite due to the incredible sparkle from the Diamonds at any angle.


#6 Nour Jewelry

NOUR Jewelry recommended by Sara Shaul on Levi Keswick. NOUR Jewelry exclusively carries 14K Solid Gold and Genuine Gemstone earrings made in dainty minimal designs perfect for everyday wear. The high quality earrings can be transitioned from days at the office to nights out with friends so that they seamlessly fit into your lifestyle.


The recommendations of products and books within this article where sourced from industry experts. Their names and websites are listed below.

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