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6 Facts You Didn’t Know About Non-Surgical Facelifts

March 14, 2023
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Suggesting that surgical facelifts are in any way pleasant would be a straight-up lie. More often than not individuals who undergo surgical facelifts suffer from nasty side effects and experience a lot of pain in the weeks and months following their treatment. Did you know, however, surgical facelifts are unnecessary? Recent innovations in the healthcare industry have made it possible for people to improve the way that they look and get facelifts without going under the knife. In this post you will learn about non-surgical facelifts so that you can decide whether or not they are right for you:

Highly Affordable

Something that a lot of people do not know about non-surgical facelifts is that compared to their surgical counterparts, they are very affordable. You can easily pursue ultherapy treatment in London on a budget. Another good thing about this kind of surgery is that the providers offering it has a tendency to give clients the opportunity to use payment plans rather than expecting them to pay for the cost of their treatment upfront. If you have a restricted income then finding a treatment provider who can offer you a non-surgical facelift on a payment plan should be one of your main priorities. Payment plans are broken down into monthly instalments and are repaid over the course of a year or two. Credit checks are performed in order to determine a client’s suitability for a payment plan.

Very Effective

Many people interested in non-surgical facelifts are reluctant to go ahead with them out of fear of them not being effective. If you are worried about the efficacy of ultherapy treatment then you don’t need to be as this form of treatment is scientifically proven to produce long-lasting results. Non-surgical facelifts are just as effective as surgical ones thanks to modern science. In addition to being just as effective, they are considerably less painful and have far fewer side effects associated with them which makes them a much better option for people worried about pain or going under the knife.

Long-lasting Results

You cannot always predict the long-term results of any kind of surgery. However, studies have shown that people who undergo ultherapy tend to have longer-lasting results than patients who undergo other similar treatments. The good thing about non-surgical facelifts is that they give people the opportunity to get the same results as surgical facelifts except no anaesthesia or surgery is needed. When you have surgery there is always a chance that things could go wrong; you do not need to worry about anything going wrong when you have a non-surgical facelift because they are very safe and have proven results.

Fewer Side-effects

The side effects of non-surgical facelifts are negligible. The only threats posed to recipients of this kind of surgery come in the way of allergies. Allergic reactions can be deadly. Fortunately, treatment providers patch-test people prior to their surgery just to make sure they are not allergic to the ingredients used. When you have any surgical procedure infection is always a risk. You never have to worry about infection when you have a non-surgical facelift. Infections caused by surgery can be very serious and have actually resulted in people’s deaths before.

Less Painful

Pain is always an issue when you are undergoing any kind of cosmetic treatment, surgical or non-surgical. If you are having a non-surgical facelift then you may experience some inflammation, swelling and pain afterwards. However, the pain you will feel is nothing compared to what you would experience if you had a surgical facelift. In addition to being a lot less intense people who undergo non-surgical facelifts also recover a lot faster. Faster recovery times mean people are able to get back to normal, working life and enjoy the results of their facelift much faster. Speak to the surgeon or treatment provider performing your facelift so you can get an idea of how much pain you are going to experience.

No Anaesthetic

Anaesthetic is something a lot of people are scared about taking. It is not hard to see why anaesthetic is so scary since being rendered chemically unconscious is not a pleasant experience and the side effects of anaesthetic can be very uncomfortable. Many people who are anaesthetised feel groggy and unable to get on with daily life for a few days after their surgery. Anaesthetic is not something you need to worry about with a non-surgical facelift and if it is it will only be local anaesthetic.

Facelifts can enhance your appearance and sculpt your face. However, they are costly and painful. Instead of traditional facelift surgery why not choose a non-surgical facelift? Non-surgical facelifts are all the rage right now and when you consider their many benefits it is not hard to see why.

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