5 Tips for the Perfect Summer Pool Party

5 Tips for the Perfect Summer Pool Party

July 20, 2022
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Pool parties can either be epic or disastrous. Luckily, there are plenty of tips you can use to host the perfect summer pool party this year. Take a look at some of our favorite advice below, and get ready to host the party of a lifetime!

Clean the Pool

No one wants to swim in a pool or enclosure that’s dirty or moldy. It’s gross, and it is not healthy for your skin, hair, and eyes. There are plenty of ways to get mold off your pool enclosure and keep your pool clean. With clean, sparkling water, everyone will want to jump in the pool right away and get the party started!

Set Up Food & Drinks

Your guests should never have to ask for food or drinks. In fact, some guests find that asking the host for food or drinks is awkward, and they would rather go hungry or thirsty than bother their friends. Before guests arrive, set out a spread of food and drinks in an area that is easy for your friends to access.

Provide Pool Accessories

One tip for the perfect summer pool party that you can’t forget is to provide pool accessories. Floaties, pool noodles, giant rafts, and other pool accessories can take your party from average to unforgettable. These accessories allow people to rest and relax in the water and have something fun to do.

Create a Playlist

A party just isn’t a party without an awesome playlist. Take some time before your party to create a fun, upbeat playlist. If you don’t want to create your own, don’t worry! There are plenty of party playlists out there that you can use for free online. Additionally, remember to place a few speakers around the pool—but not right next to the water unless they are waterproof!

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