4 Ways To Fake Natural Light in Your House

4 Ways To Fake Natural Light in Your House

October 13, 2021
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As fall approaches and the days begin to shorten, our homes start to suffer from a lack of natural light. Seeing as it’s scientifically proven that adequate lighting boosts our overall mood, it’s crucial to brighten up our abodes during the darkest months. Check out these four ways to fake natural light in your house and proactively avoid the always nasty seasonal depression.

Mirrors, Mirrors, on the Walls

It’s not vain to fill your home up with a plethora of mirrors this fall. These reflective slabs of glass bounce natural light from windows and illuminate otherwise dark spots within your house. Strategically place mirrors across from your windows in various rooms to ensure a brighter living space. Additionally, mirrors make a smaller space appear larger, which contributes to a well-lit home.

Cool and Warm Lighting

Cool lighting emits tones of white and light-blue and emulates more natural lighting within a space. While warm lighting with red, orange, and yellow tones is perfect for giving your house that cozy feeling, these lightbulbs and LEDs cannot illuminate a space to the same degree as cooler lights.

High-tech LEDs sometimes allow you to switch between cool and warm settings, giving you the flexibility to brighten your home to your liking and mood. Plus, LEDs use less energy, which saves you money on your monthly utility bills.


Chandeliers are having a bit of a renaissance recently, thanks to an increase of modern electric-powered fixtures with fashionable designs. These lights are incredibly versatile and fit in every room of your house. Because chandeliers hang from above, they effectively brighten larger spaces and replicate the natural light found outside.

The best part of these light fixtures is the diverse selection of size, design, and number of bulbs. When choosing the perfect chandelier for your needs, consider all aspects of the space you wish to illuminate and what kind of mood you’re aiming to set.

Don’t Forget the Paint

This tip is for homeowners whose houses suffer from dark lighting year-round. Dark paint and décor absorb natural light and give your entire home far less luster. Go for whites, off-whites, or other vibrant colors and shades when painting the darkest rooms, and always leave the ceiling and trim white as well. This both makes your room brighter and gives the illusion of more space.

We all love our homes, including all of their perfect imperfections. However, darker houses make the dim seasons less bearable. Utilize these four ways to fake natural light in your house and maintain that summer mood throughout the fall.

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