20 Best Podcasts About Luxury Mag 2021

May 14, 2021
14 mins read

Are you wanting to learn more about luxury mag? Well you’ve come to the right place. This is a curated list of the best luxury mag podcasts of 2021.

We have selected these podcasts for a variety of reasons, but they are all well worth a listen. We tried to select a variety of podcasts across the spectrum from hosts with a wide breadth of experience.

We are always keen to hear your feedback, if we have missed a podcast, Linkedin us Levi Keswick (Linkedin) and we will check it out!

Best Luxury Mag Podcasts 2021

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  • Publisher: Mikayla Jai
  • Total Episodes: 130

Get your mindset in check, define your magic and make manifestation easy AF with the Mindset Magic and Manifestation Podcast presented by Mikayla Jai! Mikayla is a manifestation success coach and personal development influencer. Having manifested her dream life of luxury travel, a Tesla, multiple 6-figure earning business and so much more by the age of 21 years old – she’s teaching you exactly HOW she did it. Don’t forget to subscribe, rate and review! Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/mikayla-arrington/support

Stay Away from Matthew MaGill

  • Publisher: Pineapple Street Studios
  • Total Episodes: 5

When Matthew MaGill died alone in the woods on the Florida-Georgia border, he left behind a box filled with the artifacts of an incredible life: from Broadway in the 1970s, to a 747 hijacking, to the culture of drugs and luxury cars in 1980s Florida. A series of coincidences leads reporter Eric Mennel to the box, sending him on a five-year search to understand the truth about its owner. But as Mennel learns who Matthew MaGill really was, he is confronted with questions about his own life, his own mistakes, and his own family secrets.

Luxury Travel Insider

  • Publisher: Sarah Groen
  • Total Episodes: 57

Do you love travel? Are you always searching for the absolute best experiences? Join us each week for an insightful chat with some of luxury travel’s most iconic people. We’ll interview travel experts like Robert Bowe who has been part of the guest experience at Ashford Castle for 33 years; Jamie Gaymer, the lead conservation manager at an ultra-luxe safari lodge; or the Owners and General Managers of some of the world’s top hotels like Amangiri, Canaves Oia, and Zannier Hotels. You’ll leave each episode with an Insider appreciation for new destinations, luxury travel, and all the heart that goes into creating these magical experiences. Luxury Travel Insider is hosted by Sarah Groen, an expert in luxury travel. Sarah has traveled to 100 countries and all 7 continents, is a contributing travel columnist for CEO World Magazine, and is the owner of Bell & Bly Travel, a top travel advising firm working with executives and entrepreneurs.


  • Publisher: Renee Dee
  • Total Episodes: 47

Welcome to ICONIC HOUR! Hosted by Renee Dee, publisher of digital luxury lifestyle magazine ICONIC LIFE. ICONIC LIFE, our digital luxury lifestyle magazine, celebrates the art of living beautifully with features on exceptional design, architecture, style, cuisine, luxury travel and living your best life. ICONIC HOUR showcases the vibrant people behind the products, the dreams behind the designs and the innovation behind inspiring ideas. Our mission is to be the storytellers behind the stuff and curators of the iconic. Beautiful design alongside compelling stories keeps our readers engaged and coming back for more. Join us on our journey to live beautifully. Be ICONIC. Grab your coffee or a glass of wine, because it’s ICONIC HOUR!

STYLE PHILOSOPHERS with Host Michael Perris

  • Total Episodes: 5

Sponsored by THE BUBBLE COLLECTION, creative director and luxury brand consultant Michael Perris presents STYLE PHILOSOPHERS a series that features exclusive interviews with passionate visionaries and creative gurus across many cultural and aesthetic lifestyle professions.  Each episode explores their unique style philosophies that are the driving forces behind the DNA of a concept, brand, product or an image.  What inspires them?  What motivates their insatiable need for perfection and why their style philosophy speaks to us. For updates and more information about this exclusive series, follow STYLE PHILOSOPHERS on Instagram @stylephilosophers STYLE PHILOSOPHERS is sponsored by THE BUBBLE COLLECTION, A collection of lifestyle fragrances created around bubbles we choose to live in … break out of … or connect to. … The Bubble Collection is ageless, genderless and  boundless and will rise up taking you on a fragrance journey … For more information about THE BUBBLE COLLECTION go to www.thebubblecollection.com and follow them on Instagram @thebubblecollection

This Luxury Life

  • Publisher: LuxuryProperty.com
  • Total Episodes: 27

What makes Dubai one of the world’s finest luxury destinations? This incredible city is home to restaurants helmed by Michelin-starred chefs, world-class entertainment events including concerts and sports tournaments, and just about every lifestyle attraction you can imagine. In this podcast, we sit down with some of the city’s most high-profile residents, from restaurateurs and jewelers to top names in the world of sport as they discuss their experiences in Dubai. Join us as we take a closer look at This Luxury Life.

Minds of Ecommerce

  • Publisher: Raphael Paulin-Daigle
  • Total Episodes: 20

You often hear stories of ecommerce companies that have grown at record speed. What’s their secret? On the Minds of Ecommerce podcast find out what key strategy helped the most successful ecommerce stores scale beyond the million. Raphael Paulin-Daigle interviews the top ecommerce entrepreneurs and executives to get you straight-to-the-point, no-BS insights to learn from and apply right away. Listen to Minds of Ecommerce if you want to hear from the world’s most impressive ecommerce entrepreneurs and executives and learn the secrets that brought success to their ecommerce brands. Minds of Ecommerce is FOR YOU if you are: An ECOMMERCE ENTREPRENEUR looking to find new or little known strategies to increase your average order value, conversions, and online sales…. (episode #7) An ECOMMERCE EXECUTIVE looking to improve margins and lifetime value of your customers with a smarter Facebook ad strategy. (episode #6) A DIGITAL MARKETER who wants to learn marketing strategies and tactics that are rarely talked about, but that have been used successfully to grow companies to 9 figures. (episode #5) Your host, Raphael Paulin-Daigle is the founder of SplitBase, a conversion rate optimization agency that helps fashion, lifestyle and luxury brands, such as Kiehl’s, Mackage and DIFF Eyewear, increase conversions. Other podcasts take 60 minutes to get their points across, and you probably find yourself frustrated that it has to take so much of your time to learn a just few things. Raphael does the same thing in 20 mins or less on this podcast. Free of pointless conversations, this podcast is all about action. Inspired by Shopify, Magento, SalesForce, eCommerce Fuel, Ezra Firestone, Business of Fashion, Loose Threads, Luxury Ecommerce. Follow Raphael on Twitter: @Rpaulindaigle Learn more about SplitBase, and get your website reviewed at SplitBase.com


  • Publisher: Aly Grauer & Drew Mierzejewski
  • Total Episodes: 129

In a distant age, magical beings known as the fey stepped from their dying world into this one, benevolently conquering the lands and its people. Now, some 4000 years later, the great City of Ammingrad is a thriving metropolis, melding magic, machines, and magnificence in every aspect. Fey society flourishes in luxury, while humans toil and strive to survive. The vast city spans nearly an entire continent, surrounded by an impenetrable Barrier wall. The city holds thousands of stories. What will yours be? Welcome to Warda.

The Water-Babies by Charles Kingsley

  • Publisher: Loyal Books
  • Total Episodes: 17

First published in 1863, The Water Babies by Rev Charles Kingsley became a Victorian children’s classic along with J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan and Lewis Caroll’s Alice books. It is an endearing and entertaining novel that can equally be enjoyed by adult readers as well. However, it fell out of favor in later years since it contained many ideas that are considered politically incorrect and offensive today from a humanitarian perspective. The Water Babies, A Fairy Tale for a Land Baby to give the book its complete title tells the story of Tom, a young orphan chimney-sweep in Victorian London. Tom is apprenticed to the mean Mr Grimes, who employs such children to work in inhuman and often dangerous conditions, sweeping out the chimneys of large houses. When Tom is assigned to work at Harthover House, a stately mansion, he is dazzled by the luxury and elegance of the place. He stumbles into the bedroom of the daughter of the house and his appearance startles her so much that she “screams like a peacock!” Tom is equally frightened and he rushes out of the house, falls into a river and drowns! But this is only the beginning of a great underwater adventure. Scholars have described The Water Babies as a didactic fable. Kingsley expresses many of the prevailing attitudes and prejudices against different races, countries and customs. He also expected the book to be read as a satire against the cruel and inhuman child labor laws of the time. Kingsley was himself a contradiction. He was a devout churchman who was one of Charles Darwin’s greatest supporters. He was also profoundly influenced by the scientific thinkers of the day like Thomas Huxley and Sir Roderick Murchison. The Water Babies was first published as a serial in Macmillan’s Magazine. It reflects some of the issues that concerned Victorians of the time. Problems like sanitation, health reforms, Christian Socialism, child abuse and primary education are discussed at various points in the book. After his studies at Cambridge, he chose to go into the Church and was ordained as a minister, from whence he rose to become the chaplain of Queen Victoria. He also wrote several other popular books like Westward Ho! Hypatia and Two Years Ago. A prolific writer and speaker, Kingsley’s works were received with great admiration during his lifetime. In fact, a town in England was named Westward Ho! It is the only town with an exclamation mark in the country and perhaps the world! The Water Babies is indeed an interesting slice of an era long past and a great addition to your collection.

Healthy Home Hacks Podcast

  • Publisher: Ron & Lisa Beres
  • Total Episodes: 35

How would you like to up-level your health, enjoy more energy, and keep your family safe from the dangerous daily toxins that are wreaking havoc on your well-being, especially during these unprecedented times? Your hosts and media darlings, Ron & Lisa Beres invite you to tune into the Healthy Home Hacks podcast where we firmly believe enjoying optimal health shouldn’t be a luxury. Building Biology Environmental Consultants, published authors, Healthy Home authorities and husband/wife team bring you the top experts in their field each week including architects, Electromagnetic Radiation Specialists, chemists, Building Biologists, physicians, mold remediators, electrical engineers, environmental MD’s and so much more! Listen in on honest conversations about everything under your roof – from toxic cleaners and wireless radiation – to water, flame retardants, mold, and more while gaining practical tips to live your best life now. If you’re ready to dive in to improve your health & increase your energy today, you’re in the right place.

Lady Audley’s Secret by Mary Elizabeth Braddon

  • Publisher: Loyal Books
  • Total Episodes: 40

Inspired by a true life story, Lady Audley’s Secret is the story of a woman’s overwhelming ambition and passion for social success. When the first book came out in 1862, Victorian readers were shocked and outraged by its portrayal of aspects like bigamy, insanity, yearning for social status and the will to commit murder to achieve one’s goals. The novel belongs to a genre that became very popular during that era. Known as “sensation novels” they can probably be equated to today’s pulp fiction. It was received with huge enthusiasm by readers and most critics of the day and the central theme of “accidental bigamy” was a popular one. But the author Mary Elizabeth Braddon took it to new heights, introducing several intriguing twists and turns to the plot. In fact the novel was so successful that it allowed the author to become financially independent for the rest of her life and its publisher to purchase a villa, which he christened Audley Lodge, with the profits gained from sales of this Victorian bestseller! In the story, the young, enchanting, doll like Lucy Graham marries a wealthy old widower, Sir Michael Audley. Not much is known about Lucy by people in the village, except that she was till recently employed as a governess. The couple enjoys a pleasant life together, with every comfort and luxury. Things take a turn when Sir Michael’s nephew and heir Robert Audley arrives with news of dear friend of his George Talboys. Talboys who had left England to seek his fortune gold prospecting in Australia is now suffering from a mental breakdown following the apparent death/disappearance of his wife whom he left behind. When Robert and George arrive at Audley Court, they’re warmly welcomed by the host, but of the hostess there is no sign. She completely avoids coming into Talboys’ presence. Her behavior begins to intrigue Robert and raise his suspicions and he sets out to uncover the mystery. But the truth is far more devastating and disturbing than anybody could imagine. Said to be based on events concerning the real life serial killer Constance Kent which had stunned the nation a few years ago, the book in fact explores many themes of Victorian morality, gender biases, stereotypes about the perfect mother and domestic goddesses who enriched the home and hearth with their innocence and purity. The author Mary Braddon’s own controversial personal life and her nonchalant attitude to prevailing morals also piqued readers’ imaginations. For modern day readers, Lady Audley’s Secret remains a gripping tale of the lust for power and wealth and of a woman’s descent into the misery of her own creation.

Chooch On The Loose

  • Publisher: Sonjachardé Mixon
  • Total Episodes: 18

Chooch On The Loose is a podcast where I discuss the trashy, beautiful, magical, unpopular, ugly and annoying parts of life (as I know it) while I navigate the world as a Black + Puerto Rican single mother (who speaks Spanglish better than Spanish), a life coach, a confidante, and a lover of food, libations, family, sophista-ratchet activities, luxury and opulence. This podcast is probably not safe for your kids or your work. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/choochontheloose/support


  • Publisher: Camilla
  • Total Episodes: 41

Leading on from her successful book #NoFilterNeeded, Camilla talks all things self-esteem, body image and mental health. Camilla is a self-image specialist, author, and founder of multiple beauty and creative agencies that work with individuals, luxury brands and corporations. She is super passionate about empowering people to change their self-perception and reimagine not just the beauty, but the huge amount of power within themselves. Camilla strongly believes that when we align our external image with our internal one we then free up an abundance of energy and mental space to focus on the things that really matter which can make a hugely positive difference to not only our own lives but also the lives of others. “If we can get ourselves to a place of true confidence, that comes from the inside, then we can live to our full potential and achieve anything that we put our mind to” – And her podcast is here to support and guide you in doing just that.

What if? with Lorraine & Rosie

  • Publisher: Pixiu
  • Total Episodes: 5

Have you ever imagined taking a different path? Is there something you wish you could have done differently? Do you have a hidden passion that you want to turn into your future? Rosie Smith and TV-legend mum Lorraine Kelly present ‘What if?’, a new podcast series exploring life’s ‘what ifs’. Each week they meet celebrity guests to discuss these turning points, thoughts and decisions – and ponder the meaning of success and satisfaction. Brought to you by Beauty Pie, the world’s first luxury beauty buyers club (see episode notes for more details and offers).

The Luxury Creative

  • Publisher: Jo Eleanor
  • Total Episodes: 8

The Luxury Creative by Jo Eleanor of Calligraphy en Vogue is dedicated to helping luxury creative businesses market, grow and scale to a multi income creative business.Are you tired of posting on instagram and finding little traction with an unengaged audience, or maybe finding it hard to stand out from all the similar businesses within your space?Even when you’ve found customers for your offering it can be difficult to find multiple streams of revenue to supercharge your income as a service based business. Let’s break the belief that you have to be a “starving artist” to create a magical business. In this podcast, we will cover the all the things i’ve learnt in my business, on my journey to reaching my goals working with the biggest luxury brands in the world and creating multiple offerings to my dream audience, resulting in a multiple 6 figure business. It’s everything you need to know to turn your creative passion into a thriving business. We also cover social media marketing, cultivating creative inspiration, working business to business, creating a personal brand and more! Find me at www.theluxurycreativebusiness.com and our socials over at www.instagram.com/the_luxury_creative

Midlife Male by Greg Scheinman

  • Publisher: Gow Media
  • Total Episodes: 144

I help men navigate middle age to achieve a better quality of life. My unconventional professional journey began working as Harvey Weinstein’s Executive Assistant in my 20’s (and telling him to f*ck off 20 years before the #MeToo movement) to having my company Team Baby Entertainment acquired by Michael Eisner in my 30’s” – along with personal experiences -the loss of my father in my teens, the imprisonment of my brother, struggles with alcohol, body image, anxiety and self-confidence. After a pivot in business and in life, I’m now in my mid-40’s, have regained my health to become a top executive athlete and transitioned from risk taker to risk manager becoming a multimillion dollar producer and partner with Insgroup; one of the largest independent insurance firms in the United States. I have worked diligently to combine my personal passions with professional expertise and specialize in risk management for hospitality, CPG, health and fitness companies and luxury lifestyles and follow my personal motto “Insuring Success” in work and life. My methodology regarding work and life is simple: Surround yourself with people and ideas you love, bringing passion, authenticity, humility and experience to everything you do. With The Midlife Male Podcast, I conduct in-depth, raw and compelling interviews that reveal our humanity and inspire action. Entrepreneurs and experts in the areas of food, fitness, finance, entrepreneurship, philanthropy, nutrition, entertainment, medicine, therapy, performance, sports, health and wellness join me to help men navigate middle age and live a better quality of life. I’m fortunate to have been featured in The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, Adweek, the New York Post, The Wall Street Journal, ESPN, The Big Idea with Donnie Deutsch and Variety. My commitment is to making memories with my family and living a healthy, happy and sustainable life.

The Greatest Party in the World

  • Publisher: Claire Berry
  • Total Episodes: 7

Claire Berry, founder of luxury event design studio Perfect Cartel, launches the ultimate podcast for party lovers. If there was one event that symbolised the greatest ever party, who would be behind it? What would they be doing to make it so epic? Who’s on the list, who’s not coming in and what is everyone drinking? How have the Kings and Queens of the party scene risen to the top of their game and what’s it like being in their position? How can we all get a bit of that party magic in our lives? Put simply – this is THE ultimate party guestlist.

ILTM Podcast

  • Publisher: ILTM
  • Total Episodes: 1

Never in our lifetimes has the world faced a challenge of this magnitude. Not only is COVID-19 threatening our health and the health of our loved ones, but it is also plunging our beloved luxury travel industry into turmoil. Veteran travel editor and writer, Annie Fitzsimmons, interviews Winston Chesterfield, founder of Barton Consulting and luxury sector specialist, revealing just how important the global luxury travel universe truly is. If you are one of the 168 million people connected to this universe, this is the podcast for you.

Imagine Create Inspire

  • Publisher: Trevor
  • Total Episodes: 5

IMAGINE CREATE INSPIRE is a customer experience podcast provided by Experience Us createyourexperiencewithus.comOur conversations give listeners insight on how Customer Experience is valued across different industries. The show features guests who occupy /occupied roles at major brands, entrepreneurs, and business owners. This podcast allows listeners to hear key CX tactics, strategies, and success stories that elevate brand experiences. The customer brand experiences range from hospitality, technology, social media, travel, healthcare, luxury automotive, and many more. Download and listen to learn ways you may not have thought could impact the customer experience with your brand.

Elevated Magazines-Lifestyles, Jetsetter, Yachts, Automotive, Luxury Real Estate, Home & Design, Art

  • Publisher: Elevated Magazines-Lifestyles-Yachts-Automotive-Luxury Real Estate-Home & Design-Jetsetter-Art
  • Total Episodes: 79

Elevated Magazines – Elevated Lifestyle, Elevated Men’s Lifestyle, Elevated Jetsetter, Elevated Home & Design, Elevated Luxury Real Estate, Elevated Automotive, Elevated Yachts, Elevated Art & More Podcast. ElevatedMagazines.com

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