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The Spinnaker Dumas: A Surprising Transformation and Personalization

June 21, 2023
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Key Takeaways:

  • Initial impressions of the Spinnaker Dumas were not positive due to size, case shape, and color options.
  • Despite the initial reservations, the watch gradually won over the reviewer through its design and specifications.
  • The Dumas pays tribute to diving legend Frédéric Dumas, offering a fresh design inspired by vintage dive watches.
  • The watch features the reliable Seiko NH35 movement and a solid octagonal case with a 300m water resistance rating.
  • The polarizing dial design, highlighted by orange accents and a large sword hand, adds visual interest and practicality.
  • The stock mesh bracelet received mixed reviews, but a personal modification with a deployant clasp improved the overall wearing experience.

Introduction: A Change of Heart

Sometimes, a watch can surprise you and change your perception in unexpected ways. This was the case for me with the Spinnaker Dumas, a timepiece that initially left me skeptical. However, as I delved deeper into its design and specifications, I discovered its unique charm. In this review, I’ll share my journey with the Spinnaker Dumas and how a simple modification completely transformed my opinion of the watch.

The Spinnaker Dumas: An Introduction

Before diving into my personal experience, let’s take a closer look at the Spinnaker Dumas. Named after the renowned free-diving pioneer Frédéric Dumas, this watch pays homage to his achievements and love for diving. While the design may not immediately evoke a strong association with Dumas, the connection lies in the spirit of exploration and adventure that the watch represents.

Design Inspiration and Specifications

The design of the Spinnaker Dumas drew inspiration from vintage dive watches, with a particular nod to the Omega Seamaster 200 SHOM. The octagonal case and handset resemble those of the Seamaster, although Spinnaker adds its own unique touches to make the Dumas stand out. It’s worth noting that the likelihood of Omega releasing a similar model is low, making the Spinnaker Dumas an appealing option for enthusiasts of this design.

In terms of specifications, the Dumas houses the reliable Seiko NH35 movement with a custom rotor design. The 44mm steel octagonal case boasts a 300m water resistance rating, and the bezel features a smooth 120-click unidirectional movement. The dial showcases a polarizing design with blocky hour markers and orange rectangles, complemented by green accents on the insert. The standout feature is the large orange-marked sword hand, which adds a unique touch and practicality for timing dive sessions.

The Bracelet Dilemma: A Personal Grievance

While the Spinnaker Dumas had piqued my interest with its design and specifications, there was one major drawback for me—the stock mesh bracelet. Initially, the weight and chunkiness of the bracelet didn’t sit well with me, and its all-metal construction caused the strap to frequently slip out of the keeper. As someone with a smaller wrist size (6.5 inches), this issue significantly impacted my wearing experience.

A Personalized Solution: The Deployant Clasp

Determined to overcome this hurdle, I decided to explore alternative strap options. I experimented with a black rubber strap, which improved the overall feel but still left me with excess strap tail. However, a stroke of luck led me to discover a solution—the deployant clasp.

Typically used for dress watches, a deployant clasp keeps excess strap tail hidden and ensures a secure fit. Although initially purchased for another watch, I realized that it could be repurposed for the Spinnaker Dumas. The transformation was remarkable.

The Final Verdict: A Transformed Wearing Experience

With the deployant clasp in place, the Spinnaker Dumas underwent a significant transformation on my wrist. The absence of excess strap tail made the watch visually smaller and eliminated the clunky feeling of the stock mesh bracelet. The watch now wore snugly and comfortably, enhancing the overall enjoyment of wearing it.

In conclusion, the Spinnaker Dumas proved that first impressions can be deceiving. With a simple modification and personalization, this timepiece won me over completely. Its design inspiration, reliable specifications, and the added touch of the deployant clasp turned it from a watch I initially dismissed to one I now wear with pride.

If you’re curious to see more about the Spinnaker Dumas and other horological topics, head to our Instagram page for educational infographics and check out our laid-back unboxing and review video on YouTube.

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