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The Rising Trend of Tall Fade Haircuts: Top Choices for Men in 2023

August 3, 2023
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Key Takeaways:

  • The tall fade is a sought-after hairstyle, known for its close shave along the sides and back of the head, and its compatibility with a multitude of looks.
  • This article outlines 15 unique versions of the tall fade haircut for men to consider in 2023.
  • Tall fade haircuts can be customized to suit any man’s personal style, from the classic slick back to the audacious high top.
  • Modern iterations of the tall fade haircut include combinations with undercuts, dreads, pompadours, and afros.

The Allure of the Tall Fade Haircut

The tall fade haircut, also referred to as the high fade, has been at the forefront of men’s hairstyles due to its adaptability and stylish appeal. As a distinguished haircut, the tall fade offers a close shave along the sides and back of the head, extending above the midway line between the temples and the top of the ears. Its popularity arises from the vast range of styling options it presents. Whether you are looking to infuse a fresh twist into your undercut, pompadour, or classic curly locks, the tall fade can cater to your needs.

Slick Back with a Tall Fade: Sophistication Meets Modernity

The slick back style remains a timeless hairstyle for men seeking an air of sophistication. The incorporation of a tall fade adds an extra stylish edge, offering a sleek look that transitions seamlessly from the office to after-hours engagements.

The Triple Threat: Taper, Skin, or Bald Fade

With a tall fade, men are offered three unique paths: the taper fade, the skin fade, and the bald fade. The taper fade involves longer hair above the high fade line that gradually ‘tapers’ or becomes shorter as it descends towards the ears. In contrast, the skin fade involves a complete shave of the hair below the high fade line, while the bald fade requires a very close shave, offering three distinct interpretations of the tall fade hairstyle.

The Quiff: The Pompadour’s Stylish Brother

The quiff, often likened to the pompadour, offers volume from brushing the hair back in a wave-like motion, a look made famous by David Beckham on the soccer field. Pairing a quiff with a sharp tall fade creates a style destined to turn heads.

Skin Shave and Tall Fade: The Modern, Low-Maintenance Look

For those seeking a modern, fuss-free haircut, the tall fade with a skin shave provides the perfect solution. By shaving the hair beneath the high fade line completely to the scalp, you can experiment with various styles on the top without worrying about the sides and back of your head.

Undercut Meets Tall Fade: A Global Trend

Re-emerging as a popular hair trend worldwide, the undercut, when combined with a tall fade, offers a range of styling options, from a slick back to the famous ‘man-bun’. By keeping the sides and back clipped short, this haircut adds shape and character to your look.

High and Tight: A Military Inspired Classic

The high and tight fade, a classic military haircut, is a minimalist’s dream. This neat and polished look, well-suited to those with dark hair, maintains closely cropped hair on top, with the tall fade providing smooth lines and a fuss-free experience.

Faux Hawk and Tall Fade: Punk Inspired, Office Approved

For men drawn to the punk-inspired mohawk but seeking a workplace-friendly hairstyle, the tall fade with a faux hawk is an excellent choice. The style features a close-cropped high fade on the sides and longer, sculpted hair on top.

High Top and Tall Fade: A Revival from the Golden Hip-Hop Era

The high top, a symbol of the golden hip-hop era of the ’80s and ’90s, has made a comeback with a fresh twist for the modern man. Incorporating a sleek tall fade brings this iconic style into the 21st century.

Hard Part with a Tall Fade: Business with a Twist

For men seeking a stylish edge in the business world, combining a modern tall fade with a hard part gives an understated yet trendy look.

Curly Hair and Tall Fade: A Breath of Fresh Air

For men with curly hair, incorporating a tall fade can redefine your look, breathing new life into your curls by repositioning and reshaping the hair.

Dreads and Tall Fade: Sculptural and Modern

For those seeking a new way to style their beloved dreads, adding a tall fade lifts the dreads off the shoulders, transforming them into a modern, sculptural hairstyle.

Pompadour and Tall Fade: A Nod to the King of Rock and Roll

The pompadour, a hairstyle popularized by Elvis Presley, has seen a resurgence in recent years. Adding a tall fade to this sculpturally styled look infuses a modern interpretation into a classic style.

Fringe and Tall Fade: Bold and Daring

The juxtaposition of a tall fade and fringe offers a bold, statement-making haircut for men seeking to express their personal style.

Afro and Tall Fade: Shape and Definition

For men with afros, incorporating a tall fade creates a balance between the volume up top and the polished smoothness down below, providing shape and definition to your look.

In conclusion, the tall fade haircut provides countless opportunities for men to refresh their look in 2023. With its versatility, this style has a haircut to suit everyone, whether you prefer a classic slick back or a bold, audacious high top. So, bid farewell to your long hair this season and say hello to a fresh, new look with a tall fade haircut.

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