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The 7 Most Stylish Luxury Bag Brands

April 2, 2019
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When it comes to bags there are thousands of good and bad options.

From cheap knock-offs to simply ugly stuff you wouldn’t be caught dead carrying, there are almost as many types of bags in the world as there are people. And just like with people, you should know which to avoid and which to look for. Check out to see what a real luxury bag looks like.

#1 T Anthony

The T Anthony travel product recommended by Matthew Stammel on Lifney.

Launched in 1946, Theodore Anthony’s stylish and durable luxury luggage quickly became the travel companion of choice for British and Hollywood royalty, not to mention American Presidents. A must-have for elite globetrotters today, T. Anthony continues to craft its suitcases with hardwood frames and solid brass hardware, as well as soft-shelled canvas and leather options.

Theodore Anthony put himself on the map when he custom made bags for the Duke and Duchess of Windsor. From Marilyn Monroe and Jackie O, to Sir Elton John and Ronald and Nancy Reagan, the list goes on and on. T Anthony bags are a must-have for elite globe-trotters today.


#2 Ghurka

The Ghurka travel product recommended by Victoria Manenti on Lifney.

Ghurka bags use only the finest European bull and calfskin leathers, complemented by solid brass hardware and the brand’s trademark binding and stitching process. Their assortment of iconic designs and new classics are individually numbered and registered, making each Ghurka bag a unique heirloom.


#3 Pad & Quill

The Pad & Quill travel product recommended by Naomi on Lifney.

Pad & Quill is a local, family-run luxury lifestyle goods company based out of Minneapolis. Thier aim is to make versatile artisan-made bags and leather tech accessories that blur the line between profession and play.

They use full-grain leather, UV-resistant parachute grade thread, and unbreakable hardware and pair it with their incredibly skilled artisans. Then, they stand behind their bags for the next 25 years. Each piece is thoughtfully designed to meet the demands of our modern age while honoring the traditions of the past.


#4 Acme Made

The Acme Made travel product recommended by Daneen Kiger on Lifney.

The Acme Made Divisadero Traveler Backpack is modern, lightweight and a travel friendly bag. Plenty of storage for all your work and travel needs. Transition from the office to jet setting off without the need for another bag. The Divisadero Traveler Backpack offers ample storage, padded shoulder and back support. All while having the security and peace of mind that your devices are protected in our padded and quilted pocket.


#5 Hugo Volpino

The Hugo Volpino travel product recommended by Kara Schniepp on Lifney.

Hugo Volpino creates elegant, timeless, superior quality handbags using the finest materials; following the art and tradition of Florentine craftsmanship. Hugo Volpino handbags are as beautiful as they are practical, hand sewn and crafted with full grain buttery soft leather—designed to hold the essentials and more.


#6 Wildwood Oyster Co.

The Wildwood Oyster Co. travel product recommended by Kristan Vermeulen on Lifney.

This product is truly luxurious and is a first of its kind. The bag includes one hidden pocket in the front to store smaller items and the larger opening can include a 13 in. laptop. The handbags are handcrafted in Maine and made out of remnant leather and boat dock line.

The founder wanted to find a way to give back to sustainability by reusing material rather than the material going into the landfill. The design is also inspired by her love for the water and living on coastal lands.


#7 Givenchy

The Givenchy travel product recommended by Alexandra Tran on Lifney.

This French luxury brand is timeless and iconic. They make both fancy bags (for wearing to dates and into the corporate office) but also bags for the tomboy woman (pandora bags). Their clothing is also very high quality.


The recommendations of products and books within this article where sourced from industry experts. Their names and websites are listed below.

Who contributed to this article?

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Victoria Manenti from Hello, LLC

Naomi from Pad & Quill

Daneen Kiger from Maccabee Public Relations

Kara Schniepp from Olive Creative Strategies

Kristan Vermeulen from Wildwood Oyster Co.

Alexandra Tran from Hollings Worth LLC

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