From Texas to Tequila: How Tito’s Vodka Made the Leap

Exploring the popularity of Tito’s Handmade Vodka and the company’s venture into Tequila

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Key Takeaways:

  1. Tito’s Handmade Vodka is an award-winning craft vodka hailing from Austin, Texas.
  2. Despite its name, Tito’s doesn’t only specialize in vodka – it has also delved into producing tequila.
  3. Tito’s vodka and tequila cater to the high-quality, mid-price market, providing premium products at an accessible cost.
  4. Tito’s vodka is distinct in its manufacturing process, as it uses corn rather than traditional grains or potatoes.
  5. The cost of Tito’s tequila, generally around $50 per bottle, surpasses the vodka’s cost, creating a high-end option within the Tito’s brand.

Vodka Meets Tequila: Tito’s Texas Tale

Tito’s Handmade Vodka, an unassuming yet remarkable spirit, has been quietly setting the global drinks market alight with its smooth, mellow taste and superior quality. However, contrary to some confusion, Tito’s doesn’t produce tequila — at least, it didn’t, until now. In a daring divergence from its award-winning vodka, Tito’s now also crafts an enticing tequila, a leap across the spirits spectrum that’s raising eyebrows and tantalizing taste buds.

Tito’s and the Art of Vodka Making

Crafted in the heart of Texas, Tito’s Handmade Vodka stands out with its distinctive qualities. It’s distilled six times, showcasing the brand’s commitment to quality and smoothness. Distinctively, Tito’s Vodka uses corn as its core ingredient instead of traditional grains or potatoes. This lends a unique taste to the vodka, setting it apart from competitors.

Despite its non-European roots, Tito’s has proven it can compete with the best, offering a premium quality spirit at the cost of $16.99 for a 750ml bottle — a price that appeals to both spirit enthusiasts and casual drinkers alike.

From Corn to Agave: Tito’s Tequila Venture

Yes, you heard it right. Tito’s, widely recognized for its vodka, has branched out into the world of tequila. Crafted from 100% blue agave in the traditional methods of the Jalisco region, Mexico, Tito’s Tequila has received numerous awards and global recognition. Despite the higher price tag, approximately $50 per bottle, Tito’s Tequila carries the brand’s tradition of superior quality and unique flavor profiles.

With this move, Tito’s is set to broaden its appeal among spirit aficionados. While its vodka remains a popular choice for a wide range of occasions, the new tequila line will potentially draw a fresh audience.

Calorie Count: A Consideration for Modern Consumers

As calorie-conscious drinking becomes more prevalent, Tito’s Vodka provides a reasonable option for those looking to enjoy a tipple without tipping the scales. With around 100 calories per shot, it stands in line with other spirits like rum, whiskey, and tequila. Furthermore, being derived from corn, Tito’s Vodka is gluten-free, broadening its appeal for those with dietary restrictions.

Rising to the Top: Tito’s Market Position

Tito’s has come a long way since its creation in 1997 by Bert “Tito” Beveridge. Its vodka, renowned for its premium quality, accessible price, and the unique flavor from corn distillation, is among the top-selling spirits in the United States.

The tequila line, while more recent, has quickly gathered recognition. Tito’s Tequila presents a high-end option within the brand, offering a new flavor journey for customers to explore, thus solidifying Tito’s as a versatile and forward-thinking spirits producer.

The Final Pour: Tito’s Tequila Cost and the Brand’s Expanding Portfolio

The inception of Tito’s Tequila symbolizes an exciting expansion for the brand, offering a higher-priced, premium spirit option. While it might be more expensive than its vodka counterpart, it represents an exciting opportunity for the brand to further entrench itself in the high-quality spirits market.

The tale of Tito’s showcases a brand that’s unafraid to venture beyond its comfort zone, introducing new flavors to its customers and demonstrating its ability to adapt and innovate. With the promise of more interesting endeavors on the horizon, Tito’s is a brand to watch in the ever-evolving spirits industry.

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